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Midland Point Woodshop is proud to design and build beautiful pieces of furniture that you can feel good about. The wood has either been salvaged from old buildings in Ontario or came from trees slated to be cut down in areas where they grew to be a danger or problematic. We even find a purpose for wood from old doors and windows, which would otherwise be thrown out. More importantly, we produce furniture that is solid enough to withstand the test of time. A piece that lasts can prevent many others from being needlessly made, saving resources as well as freeing up our landfill sites.

Our products with locally themed names are availble in regular production, but can be customized.
Don't see what you want? Custom items are always available. Contact us for more information.

With eye catching designs like these, choosing green is easy.

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Welcome to Midland Point Woodshop

Recent Work

Moonstone Shelf

Three tier shelf unit made of Walnut

Stoney Creek End Table

Reclaimed barn beam end table with Azure top finish

Kitchi Dining Room Table

Live edge walnut dining room table

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